Message from the President

To our members, my colleges, and the community,

As President of IPACC, I notice that our Chapter, and the AAPI at large, has never been more relevant and important for those of us practicing in California and across the nation. Working together with such a vibrant team to reach our primary goals has been a pleasure to say the least. I’m proud of our Chapter’s successes, particularly in providing more opportunities for meaningful engagement of our team members and communities alike. All of your efforts to provide ample opportunities for learning, teaching, mentoring, and sharing top quality advice has been the backbone of this organization and I commend you.

As a member of this organization and working with you, being able to give back to our communities has been no small feat. The changes around us like social, political, economic and natural have required us to navigate through new and increasingly complex landscapes. In these times it is most imperative that we continue to hold ourselves accountable and continue to make change and aim for the betterment of our communities.

In the years ahead, I look forward in continuing our initiatives, as well as adding programs held in collaboration with other chapters to do more and provide a healthier future for our next generations to come.

For you tireless work on behalf of IPACC, and AAPI, Thank you all!